A7N8X problem fixed..Have a look see

wow, the people @ asus just told me something... and after this.. i don't know if i wanna build another AMD system again!

basically my mother board was 100% fine.

basically he said that the cpu wasn't able to push to the frequency range. i got it @ 166mhz running @ XP2600+ speeds... 12.5 was the highest the multiple could go.. any higher and the cpu would lock up.

the guy @ asus said to fool around with the memory timmings alittle to see if you can get it to push it alittle more.

he said that even the the cpu "says" it can do 2.25--and higher, isn't always true.. i got a cpu that can only run around 2.1 ghz..

lucky me!

so basically what he said was i coulda got a xp2600+ paid Cheaper! and get the same performance! Im alittle pissed now!!

im not making this up, this is exactly what the guy told me..

also, he also informed me that there is a new Bios there hardware team is working on ..shhhh.. it's a secret, and he said he did get a few chips up to 3ghz with the newer bios, so he said just wait till the newer bios is released and you might be able to get the cpu to raise alittle..

the PC is running pretty fast... and im pretty happy with it.

he also said that my memory is 100% fine, and it is basically there reccomended choice of Ram.. Corsair XMS pc3200!

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  1. Hmmm. You still should have a guaranteed frequency. That sounds a little wierd. If you are talking about overclocking I can see different CPUs maxing out at the same speed. But if you buy a an Athlon XP 2800+ it is supposed to run at 2.25 GHz on a 166 MHz fsb. Anything less is wrong. It may be that if you have your memory set real fast there is a problem running the CPU but the 2800+ rating should mean something.

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  2. Dude if this is the case than what ur gonna have to do is RMA ur CPU for a new one.......otherwise ur just ripping urself off........

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  3. Will you just exchange the hardware and move on already? That guy at Asus is a moron. I can't believe you even got a hold of anyone there.

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  4. It is possible your CPU was overrated. Defects do make it to the market sometimes, validation isn't always 100% accurate. But if you need to underclock the CPU to make it run right, I'd check voltage levels first.

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  5. That is pure BS. If that's the case AMD would be getting that chip back form me & right now. That's like buying a car that only had 3 tires for Pete's sake.

    I did put together another A7N8X for a guy yesterday, although it was not deluxe. Kind of a budget system. He had a XP2000 & 256 unbuffered, unregistered DRR 333 RAM with a 64 meg MX Geforce4. I got it up right away, but that is the buggiest BIOS & driver set up I've ever seen out of ASUS. I believe it's not ASUS though, it's the Nforce chip set. It's got a long way to go I believe before it's stable. It does beat my old 1 gig Tbird, but not by much, Tbird 3Dmarks 3478 Nforce 3Dmarks 4737. So that's nothing to get excited about. I know, spare me the details of all the hot RAM & vid cards, I already have that in my preferred system A7V8X. I wouldn't even try it in the dual arrangement at all. I believe some & very few will see any increase with that set up over mine. I could be wrong though because I was wrong once before.

    I'm glad that I got the A7V8X the day after the Nforce broke. I felt bad that I had missed the ultimate board for about 2 hours until I got it loaded. It has been rock solid out of the box & keeps amazing me all the time. Set the BIOS, loaded XP & started gaming like I never have never gamed with any other machine. Next year it may be another story. It doesn't bother me one wit to run VIA in my set up. It performs flawlessly since I got it & I don't expect it to change. Sad commentary on the Nforce chip set I believe.

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    My rock.

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  6. That is pure BS. Both of the new Asus boards (A7n & A7V) are having problems with the 333 CPU's 2600 and higher. It is not hardware related, it's the Bios. The bios was written and delovopled before the 333's were around. They just do not see the cpus properly and are unable to set them up correctly Automaticaly. All of the new boards are having the same problem, but with asus the bios try's to limit how you can set up the cpu and the other boards give full control to the user. The 333's were a windfall to AMD, their plant in Germany was doing some testing on the Tbred B core and found that they are able to run stable at 333 Mhz, so they released them as such before the MB MFG could modify thier BIOS. Results the MB MFG who take full advantage of the abilities of the KT400 and Nforce 2 chips to completly override the factory locks can run these CPU's in the user difined mode with out problems. The MFG's that limit the ability of these chipsets are having all sorts of problems with the 333's

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  7. I was able to set up my A7N8X without trouble. Then I got happy and installed a new bios. Boom. hahaha. Oh well hopefully I will be able to get back to the original bios tonight. I only had one stick of RAM also. But there are too many wierd problems with this bios. I would feel guilty selling a board that touted dual channel memory that failed to even run when you install two sticks of memory.

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  8. Yea, to me it's a shame that this has happened, again. I'm going for the 333 fsb when the Hammer comes out & the T-bread droops in price. That was my plan all along no matter who said what. I've read on the other board that says they are having trouble with my board above the XP2400. I can't confirm that. It was my luck, I guess that the 333 was to expensive in my mind, so I decide to wait for a better price. Once burnt, you know. I won't spend over $200 on any chip, no matter what hype is involved anymore. I figured the Hammer was going to be to costly.

    But I will tell the same thing happened when AMD hit the 1 gig. The board was all in a tizzy about the 1 gig & the A7V. Well, I had more money than brains at the time & had to have it. I learned then, that the top of the curve is costly in money & frustration. Well I saw the posts then & had live through it myself at that time. I stuck with it, & still have that machine running & stable. Although you can see some peoples minds were cast in concrete about VIA over that one.

    I can tell you that it will be fixed in the end, but you have to pay your dues inside the case, searching the boards & doing anything somebody suggests. It is frustrating for sure, but you learn a lot that way, I guess. When they do get the BIOS correct it will be good. I'm waiting for the dust to settle. Like I said $200 is the most I'll spend on any chip & I have had good luck every since.

    The latest & greatest will put gray hairs on your head & I don't want anymore of that in my machines. I can put A7N8X's together for other people, but for myself, I want to sit down & play my games & have fun & not spend my gaming time on trouble shooting a buggy BIOS or boards anymore. So the $200 rule will stay in force here at my little corner of cyber space. My $.02.

    I am looking forward to what the Nfoce has to offer though in the end. Or it just could be, dare I say it that VIA might get the dual solution in the KT400a right?? I guess I'm lucky I can play with the new stuff & let someone else take it home & wait & see how it works itself out.

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  9. This is a motherboard issue. You can decide not to buy AMD based on your experience with one motherboard but I wouldn't.

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  10. ok, with that said..

    basically i won't be able to run my xp2800+ at the right speed, even if i get a new board?

    so what do you guys reccomend that can run my xp2800+ @ the right speed..?

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  11. I'd send it back & get the XP2400. Great chip & wait for the 333 fsb to get stable. Hammer time, maybe.

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  12. I agree with everyone else, if the chip is truely bad, RMA it to AMD and get a new one. As far as the board goes, alot of people are complaining about the BIOS messing things up. I have the deluxe version of the board and have had no problems at all running my 2600+ at 333FSB (actually it's OC'd to about 370FSB right now). I'm running the 1001.C version, so maybe you could try getting a hold of that one and give it a try.

  13. That could be. I haven't messed with chips above the 2400 yet. So I'm not aware of their abilites yet.

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  14. Quote:
    but that is the buggiest BIOS & driver set up I've ever seen out of ASUS. I believe it's not ASUS though, it's the Nforce chip set. It's got a long way to go I believe before it's stable.

    I would have to disagree. I just put together a computer with a Leadtek mobo (nforce2 chipset) and things ran without a single problem. The problems that have been mentioned have to do with the BIOS and NOT the chipset. Motherboards with a different BIOS never have the same problems. I would also like to add that I still feel that the A7N8X is a good board... you just have to cross your fingers if you are using a 333FSB. And when a new BIOS update is out, that will be no problem. I have also always felt that ASUS motherboards are often overpriced. I guess if you are going to use the Serial-ATA and the RAID and the second Ethernet port that it would be worth the money. But if you aren't, I would recommend another manufacturer where you can get the same stable chipset for less.
  15. ok i have a xp2800+ obviously everyone probley knows this by now..

    i just rma'd the board, and i am getting the board from a local store..

    now, if i have the same problems again.. does this mean that i will just have to sit tight and wait for the bios to be released??

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  16. I wouldn't disagree at all. My experience is with ASUS & not the others. The BIOS will mature & that will be that. End of story on the A7N8X, just as it was the A7V in it's time.

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  17. That is right Rob.....or what u can do is try using different BIOS version's...like 1001.C...1002 Beta 1......etc. etc....see which ones work best for you....

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  18. dammit! my friend at the local store couldn't get the asus, it's outta stock.. so he's gonna bring home a gigabyte board.. that can handle 333fsb.. i'll try it out.. if that works.. out ok, then i'll be a happy camper! if not, then i'll have to wait till tomorrow night to get the asus.

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  19. Wait till tomorrow dude!

    Otherwise ur gonna get the VIA KT400 chipset......ur u can screw the asus and go for like the Leadtek nForce board or the Epox nForce board........even Abit.......whatever u choose......ur best off with the nForce 2 chipset =)

    I mean, the KT400 is good and all...but the KT400 doesnt support the dual memory architecture like the nForce does and u have 2 sticks of 512 DDR so yea.....

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