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i installed windows 7 on a friends computer. they bought a USB mouse and keyboard. i have windows 7 as well. i also have a USB mouse and keyboard. the only difference is that theirs is a cord sensor, and mine is unifying(meaning completely cordless). The problem Im having is that their computer will sleep and wake up via mouse movement, mine wont. I've looked at every angle I can think of. Hopefully, someone here can help me see what I have not. Thanks guys/gals
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  1. Start, Control Panel, Power Settings, Advanced tab, look under mouse USB setting and se if you can, if any thing is greyed out look above the power profile and there is a highlighted text for Change Settings That Are Corrently Unavailable
  2. thats a no go 13. the mouse wake up option is set to on. still no compliance. keep in mind that i have windows 7, and the option you gave is an impossible route to take from the start menu
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