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Hello everyone,

I am sorry if someone already had a discussion on this one, but I can't seem to find it; my question would be, do you know of any good software that shows the temperature of the GPU, CPU, HDD, etc and could display the activity of those parts. Either freeware or shareware, as I would like to keep a track of these hardware parts on my laptop (Asus G74SX DH73)

Thank you,
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  1. this and if it could find the sensor you will have what you need
  2. If you just want a program to monitor these things there are quite a few.

    ^ All free.

    Now if you want something that runs full time and can monitor your system then I suggest the Rainmeter desktop customization tool.

    It can take a few hours to really find what you like but once you master it Rainmeter is amazing and offers everything from realtime weather and email monitoring, wifi and CPU/RAM useage to really anything you can think of. It's basically an active desktop with a huge number of skins or looks. It's also all free.

    Example of my laptop with Rainmeter.
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