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I would like to convert recently imported music from my sister's ipod to Windows Media Player, most of which are m4p files. The mp3 files that she had transferred in, but mp4's didn't. From what I understand, m4p's contain DRM which prevents it. Is there a free DRM removal software that isn't limited to 60-90 second sample conversion trial and can handle batch conversions? I really don't want to go through the hassle of burning to CD then ripping to WMP, and, I would like to preserve as much audio quality as possible.
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  1. use a software called ipod copy it will allow you to copy all files photos and videos from ipod as a backup and it puts them into a mp3 format
  2. Maybe I should re-phrase the question. Is there a free program that will convert m4p or m4a files already on my computer to wav or wma files? Ipod Copy only works if the device is plugged into the computer and since I no longer have access to my sister's ipod ( she was visiting from another state ), I won't be able to use Ipod Copy. I used a different program to load those files on to my computer, but, I can only play them with Itunes. What I'm looking for ( I think ) is a DRM removal tool so that I can transfer those files to Windows media player. Legalities aside, they will be for my own use.......really.......I promise.........swear to God.......honestly.......would I lie to you all?
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