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We rec'd a Digital Adapter box and hooked it to your 19" Sylvania set. It worked right from the satrt. Recently we were given a 32" Magnavox MX 3297B. I swapped the cable connection but do not get any sound or picture. I plugged a DVD player into the AUX input and it works fine but still no cable. Do I need another piece of equipment or waht? New set was mfg in 1997
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  1. The cable port on it may be bad. Can you confirm it working in another place?
  2. Hooked it back on the Sylvania which works fine.
  3. I mean to try the other TV with another box, may have worded things badly. You can also try the adapter with another input on the Magnavox, those things should have more than one output.
  4. TRied on original set (Sylvania) works fine. Magnavox does have two portsd but doesn't seem to work on either
  5. What connection type are you using?

    Have you checked with either the cable box maker or Magnavox? Although they'll both just blame each-other for the issue. If another device does not work on the same ports, those ports are probably dead.
  6. Coax with screw connection. Talked to ComCast but they couldn't understand it. My thought is that either the connection ports are both dead or there isd some setting that isn't right.
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    The TV ports are probably bad. If it works with the old TV, that's the only logical answer.

    To rule out anything else, see if you can bring the TV to a friends house and try the same connections there.
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  9. The cable port on it may be bad. Can you confirm it working in another place?

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