NAS/MediaServer/Streaming HELP!

Apologies if this has been posted thousands of times, but I'm at a loss. Never really been a TV person - spend almost all my time in front of my computer. But now i'm trying to branch out and make more use of my living room!

I want to set up a NAS drive and stream media to my TV (and computer, but that's fairly easy).

Also thinking about getting an xbox (again, never been a console gamer, but there are a few games on there i want to try out.... though nothing will ever replace the computer for me!)

So, a few questions:

1) Does anyone know of a good NAS drive to get that will hook up with an xbox?
2) Can I use my xbox as a media centre, or should I buy a stand alone media centre - if so, does anyone have any recommendations?
3) Is a PS3 a better choice?

Thanks v much!
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  1. You can use the XBOX as a media extender from your PC,2845,2209803,00.asp

    I don't think a PS3 will work the same way.

    I'd get something like this before using any console to manage media

    Not all of them will connect to your computer though, so check the products.
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