Hp pavilion 2500 notebook problems

my laptop light on keyboards all works but not start up to windiws there is nothing on screen black
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  1. see my signature on how to ask for help and get it.
    i assume you mean the TX2500 series tablet?

    Sifting through your horrible grammar that makes it very difficult to understand, I believe your problem is that your screen is blank when you turn on the power, but all the LED lights work.

    1. The motherboard could be dead. send it in for repairs. I had this happen to my old laptop. I would turn it on, the LEDs would flash, the screen would remain blank and nothing happened.

    2. If it acts like it normally does and the caps lock key can turn the caps lock light on and off, your screen could be dead so you simply are not seeing anything but everything else is working.

    Questions for you:
    Do your fans turn on?
    Does the caps lock key turn the LED on and off when you press it?
    What is the hard drive LED doing?
    Are you still under warranty?
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