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We have a hp 3550 printer - it is not printing now as there is an error message stating that one of the cartridges (cyan) is not a geniune product.

The cartridge is a genuine. All of the cartridges are HP. We have two HP printers and this "suspect" cyan cartridge works on the second printer. Conversely the "genuine" cyan cartridge does not work on the broken printer as it still believes it to be a non hp product.

I spoke with HP who talked me through how to clean the printer and to reset the printer via the on screen menu. This did not work. They were to call me back but did not. I re-initiated the case but they refused to speak with me as the printer is outside warrantly.

I explained the problem and the fact that the cartridges cost more than the printer. They sent me a quote to carry out a site visit at £227 excluding vat.

Does anyone know how to overcome this problem? It seems to be a resetting issue?


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  1. I unplugged my internet connection and it printed mine, after much wasted time. I think it hits an hp http page and restricts the action. I too grabbed cartridges from another 3550 printer I had and put them in another which gave the non hp error. The non hp installed cartridge shows up on my display but it worked. This is a way for hp to force you to buy more of their over-priced cartridges.
  2. Same half-witted experience with a 2600 colour laser. Found it dumped with some cartridges spent. Later found some HP cartridges thrown out that still had some toner in put them in. But the readout claimed they weren't HP cartridges. Fortunately this printer has a setting to ignore these errors.

    I'm guessing the previous owner of my printer didn't discover the override -- or realised that the refill set costs the same as a new printer and just threw the printer out.

    Well done HP for helping to save the planet. I certainly won't be buying any of their products (at least not while I can find them for free in the garbage).
  3. Pull out the ink cartridge and using Alcohol on a paper towel clean the contacts on the cartridge and in the ink carriage because if there is ink on the contacts it will not make proper contact and give you false answers.
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