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I'm looking to repalce my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers. My budget is tight but I'd rather spend the money than be disapointed with the sound. I listen to music on my computer all the time and I like it loud. (Helps me clean!) I've been looking around and I'm a little overwhelmed. I have a Dell Studio XPS 9000 with a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Express sound card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. hi,
    Ive heard nice reviews from the klipsch speakers you have. It would help to know your bugdet though. Anyone can recomend you with z5500... Do you want surround sound, really nice bass, best quality over volume, etc. The sound card you have will really help. If you have the money z5500 are great quality nice bass and surround sound! Not many people do this but i tried it... I went to a store and i bought a home theater set for tvs right but i wanted it for my pc. So i had to buy adapters for center, front, and rear... IT WAS GREAT!!!! :D

    Im a bose fan so i like them but sony theater sets are nice even from walmart! Your Klipsch speakers are very good so hard to find better and keep a lower price. If you give the budget then i can help you more.

    So i recomend Logitech z5500 or the Sony HTS-S360 5.1-Channel Home Theater Audio System...

    Good luck

    P.S. how many watts you want?
  2. Watts are irrelevant (or at least vastly overrated).

    What are you looking for? Loud? High quality? Surround? Stereo? Also, what is your budget? You'll almost definitely get better sound out of separate speakers and an amp than you will out of computer speakers, but the price is a bit higher too.
  3. let me advise you something, dont get teh logitech z-5500.

    i have denon bookshelfs( not connected to my pc..obv) they cant go as loud as the z-5500, but they sound more fuller and tighter, plus more flatter frequency.

    in other words, just dont get logitech...
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