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I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu. I have gigabyte MA785gmtud2h with AMD 955 x4 processor. I am using windows xp. I have not been able to get my microphone working. No matter what i try.

The mb came with onboard sound. Realtek. I read all the info about that. Made sure i had rear pink selected, mic boost, etc etc. Microphone would not work.

I tested 2 headsets. Both recognize voice on other computers, just not this one.

I figured my onboard sound was the problem so i went out and bought a sound card. inexpensive diamond xtreme sound 5.1. Disabled onboard sound in bios. Updated all drivers and still no voice recognition. I am totally stumped.

Mute is off on both headset and volume control.
I checked the input jacks...repeatedly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Well apparently my new mb setup does not like Logitech headsets. I purchased a plantronics headset and it worked immediately. Figured i'd post this up in case anyone else ever encounters such an issue. It drove me nutz!
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