Computer acting weird over time.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Pentium processor E5700
Intel GMA X4500 graphics
6gb ram

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right category. But I guess it's the closest to what I need. So anyway, when I'm on my computer for a long time, or play Minecraft, or sometimes at random while I'm doing normal things on the internet, my computer goes crazy. Sometimes, the Windows Live Media Center thingy pops up, although this is one of the last things to happen before my computer is rendered temporarily useless. It usually starts with not being able to use the "Enter" key on my keyboard. Usually the next thing is simply not being able to type, although I can still issue commands such as the WASD keys. Then, Escape, Shift and Control fail. Then, one thing that is extremely annoying when playing minecraft, the computer thinks I'm pressing shift at all times, leaving me sneaking in minecraft. Then here comes Windows live media player. And lastly, Java and Adobe flash crash. This happens about every hour or 2, but recently it's been happening about every 20 minutes. To temporarily fix this, I always log off of my user account, then log back on, and it's fresh, and I can just play regularly. I'm not sure what other information to give, so please help, and let me know if more info is needed.
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  1. it may be virus issue
    download antimalwarebyte from this link
    run computer in safe mode then perform full scan for all partition
  2. It didn't work.
  3. No I downloaded malwarebytes from Cnet. I got 7 objects, deleted them all and it still happens.
  4. download antispyware
    perform full scan from safe mode
  5. Yeah I'm still getting the problems. Although they have become less frequent, though I doubt it was due to the scan.
  6. excellent
    try now fixing registery with ccleaner
  7. No, I fixed the registry, but nope. Nothing changed.
  8. y tried fixing registery by ccleaner
  9. I did.
  10. Any help?
  11. try repairing windows
    go to start
    type cmd
    press enter
    then write
    sfc /scannow
    and wait until repairing is finish
  12. It's virtually impossible to truly clean a 'live' drive as even in safe mode a rootkit can hide. If you really want to clean the drive then you should remove it and connect it externally to a known clean machine (boot the other machine first) and run a thorough scan with both AV and malware scanners. Ideally you would scan the drive with multiple AV suites (different manufacturers) on multiple computers (3 should do it) since no single package is 100% effective. If there's a virus or malware present that should kill it dead.
  13. Ok so 3 programs:
    Superantispyware (free)
    Malwarebytes (free)
    Avast (free version)
    Do the scans from Superanti and Malware periodically, never at the same time.
    Run avast when you are not scanning.
    Its a pretty good combo to keep a clean PC.
    Meanwhile, stop looking at porn.
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