Keyboard works in BIOS but not at log in

Hello all.

Toshiba Satellite A305
Windows Vista

Ferrit dumped some water on my little sisters laptop and now after drying out/cleaning out it will turn on just fine! However, the keyboard and mouse stop working at log in. The weird thing is they keyboard functions just fine in BIOS. I can push F2 and F12 and navagate around just fine. Right now I am even running a windows memory diagnostics with full ability to access options. So far its found no problems (was a long shot). I have tried unlocking the keyboard with the fn key just in case and have had no luck, but that may be because the fn key and all keys stop working once the log in pops up??

Does anyone have any other ideas or have happened to run into this same problem? Thanks any suggestions and long shots are appreciated!
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  1. I'm not really sure what's happening, but can you try eliminating the software as the cause of your issue by plugging in a USB mouse and keyboard? If they work at the login screen, then there's something wrong with the hardware.
  2. I did try that and with a USB mouse and it didn't work =/
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