Don't Throw Away That Old Laptop Yet!

Of course, nothing's more affordable than gear you already have--like, say, an old laptop that's just collecting dust in a closet.

MaxiVista is a clever utility that lets you turn a second PC into a second monitor. As long as both systems are connected to your home network, you're good to go.

Most users will probably pair their desktop with a laptop, though you can just as easily configure two laptops, a laptop and a netbook, and so on. The software now supports third and fourth PCs as well.

I put MaxiVista to the test on a desktop system running Windows 7 and a laptop running Vista. It worked flawlessly. Even Windows 7 features like Aero Snap worked on the secondary system. Very impressive.

MaxiVista costs $40. There's a 14-day trial version available, which you should definitely install first to make sure your configuration works properly. I think it's a terrific solution for anyone looking to put an old or unused PC to genuinely good use.

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  1. I'll have to try this when I get home in a few weeks...good find.
  2. I know someone doing similar with his macbook pro. It was slow as dirt sometimes.
  3. Quote:
    What exactly would be the point?
    I mean I have a 22" monitor and why would I want a 14" XVGA laptop monitor next to it? Doing what?
    no matter how much monitor realestate one has, I find that there is a limit to the amount of stuff one can have on a primary screen. Lotus notes plus excel, plus eclipse plus IE plus opera, plus Sametime plus rhapsody
  4. Never needed a faster car or more money, but sometimes it's not about need. . . WANT WANT WANT
  5. Holy cow dwellman - I didn't recognize you with the avatar change. Haven't seen you in forever..
  6. I've diversified my avatar. true.

    I generally take sabbaticals from toms. one year on on year off. . it's a viscous cycle.

    I blame Facebook
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