600 HZ Subfield on plasma

Ok so I am very confused as to what 600 hz means, and with lcd displays im confused as well by the hertz. Iv learned that it is refresh rate, but I have also learned that basically no TV can go over 60 realisticly? Correct me if I am wrong. Am I better off getting a 60hz LCD than a 600 hz plasma? Also the major point is, if my game is going at 90 fps, lets say modern warfare 2, than will i be able to see the 90 or will it just be 60. Oh im using it on my pc as well, going to go sli with sum gtx 470s thats why im asking
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  1. Go for the Plasma. 600Hz is plenty fast, as plasma never had the artificing problems LCDs had with motion blur
  2. The 600hz sub-field drive spec is just a number chosen to be higher than the 120 or 240 hz LCD spec that is actually a completely different thing. Plasma is like a CRT in that speed is not a issue at all. That's why plasma is much better for 3D which places great stress on speed.
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