Logitech x240 vs z2300 + x140 XD

I klnow the z2300 can eat the x240 but i wanted to know how big of a feast it would be... Im wierd okay, i have the x240... Most people that buy the x240 are entry level people =P... In other words, there reviews will usually be good... People who buy the z2300 are way higher up the line in audio... so they usually leave bad comments... The x240 distorts at 70% and the sub pops becuase its so small the voice coil hits the magnet... Thanks to my Friends Knowledge of speakers i was able to improve the bass by (with my ears) 70%... It sounded quite nice... my trick was the subwoofer placement... i put it in a corner with the port facing the wall on hard floor (tile) it sounded beautiful (beat the x540) so yeah... I want new speakers... will the z2300 be much better in terms of quality and power? Will it distort at 80%? Is it loud enough for a 3 car garage with say 50 people in it? So the answer will probably be yes the z2300 is way better! But i wanted surround sound. So iwanted to buy the Logitech x140 as rear speakers. Are they loud enough?

So i would have a 5.1 system - center would be monitor, z2300 would supply sub and front speakers, and x140 for rear speakers...


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  1. well its THX certified, so the bass wont drown out other frequencies, other then that i dont know much about z-2300
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    THX multimedia certification doesn't mean much. The true THX certification requires a crossover point of 80hz. The Z-2300s run at 150hz crossover so a lot of midbass will bleed through.

    At head-fi the users have roughly defined boominess being a peak at the 125hz range.

    The subwoofer will definitely drown out the satellites, although this may be alleviated with putting the sub in the middle of the room. When a sub is dead center in the room it will cause what is called a "bass null" since at the listening position output from the driver is being cancelled out by comb filtering from the reflection from the far wall.
  3. well for multimedia speakers to pass the THX certification. its not allowed to drown out the sattelites.....
  4. and just cos the xover is at 150hz, doenst mean that it will drwon out teh sattelites....
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  6. Thanks guys, i guess ill get em since im guessing the satellites should be good enough..
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