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I have a AMD 1.4 and my motherboard supports to XP+2000 that runs at 1.67. Is it worth the money to upgrade to that cpu.
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  1. do you have an athlon 1.4 or a duron?

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  2. There is no Duron 1.4....only 1300.......

    as for the 1.4 VS 2000+...

    What do u use ur computer for ???

    if u get the Thoroughbred 0.13 Micron 2000+ it might be worth it as it will put out a LOT less heat....so it will run cooler.....and u can OC it to 2200+

    If u juts wanna upgrade from the 1.4 - 2000+ just cuz u can...no its not worth it....r u gonan notice a difference??? U will SLIGHTLY...nothing much.........

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  3. sorry.forgot they only go up to 1.3.An xp 2000 would show a decent amount of an increase over an athlon 1.4 but not really enough to justify the outlay.I would imagine since the true clock speed difference is only 266MHz the difference would be not too great.I would imagine that they would have rated the athlon 1.4. higher if they had been using the PR system then so it would seem even closer to an xp 2000.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  4. I would have to agree with MetalRocker. If you want to have a CPU that puts out a lot less heat (so you can use a cheaper and quieter fan), then you might consider upgrading. Otherwise, the upgrade isn't worth it.

    Just because the motherboard says that it is rated up to 2000+ doesn't mean that is the limit though. It should support a 2400+ just fine. That would give you more of a noticeable difference, but still not enough of one to justify the cost IMHO.
  5. How can i find out the mobo supports the 2400? I have the MSI K7T266 PRO. I mainly use it for gaming so thats why i am thinking of upgrading. But if i can get the 2400 then i think it would be worth it. THANKS ALL FOR YOUR ADVISE KEEP IN COMING!
  6. Isn't it a KT266 mobo? Then you might boost performance by changing the mobo. Get MSI K7N2-L for $105. This mobo + Athlon 1.4 Ghz will should be equal or little slower than AXP 2000+ w/ current mobo. Plus this will allow you to upgrade to AXP 2800+ and faster processors.

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  7. I use it mainly for gaming.Thats why i am looking for a bigger cpu. Isnt the xp a better cpu?
  8. Yes, the AXP has more cache, a faster FSB and the QuantiSpeed architecture. It uses less power and runs cooler than the t-birds.

    For gaming, a processor upgrade is a good way to go. I wouldn't worry about the board until you're ready for a complete overall in the future. You can get AXP 1700+ - 2100+ from $50-$90 (googlegear.com and newegg.com + tcwo.com) and prolly eBay yours or whatever for $35 or so... :)
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