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So here's some basic info on my laptop:





In the past few months my laptop has started....shutting down randomly, to the point that I don't even want to use it anymore. Like say from a cold start it'll run for like 5 minutes and then shutoff. Or sometimes it'll run for an hour or so then shut off. Or sometimes its just random. The one thing that isn't random though is when it comes back from standby it shuts off within a minute or two. So I cleaned out all the vents and stuff to get all the dust out and I tested my hard drive in my friends laptop and that seems okay. My laptop idles around 48.0 C and under some stress like a game or something it'll go in the 50s, like 55.0 C maybe. I don't think its an over heating problem. And my ram's pretty new I tested it in my friend's laptop and it was fine. And I put his ram into mine and the problem still happened. The reason I stopped using it overall though was because it wouldn't even boot up anymore. It would be stuck at the toshiba boot up screen. Anyway, I haven't touched my laptop in like two months, and I turned it on today and ran it on battery only for like an hour and it seemed okay, but when I plugged in the AC adapter into my laptop it immediately shut off and restarted. I tried to make it happen again, but I couldn't. And it seems to shut off and restart more frequently when plugged in w/ or w/o battery. But on battery alone it usually lasts longer before shutting off and restarting. So is this some sort of electrical problem? Is it fixable? HELP!

P.S. Sometimes instead of shutting off and just freezes. Like you can't move anything or even turn it off without cutting off the power. Most of the time it just shuts off and restarts though.
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  1. Under warranty still? Hit up Toshiba for warranty replacement.

    Otherwise sounds like a bad VR or transducer.
  2. naw i got this back in 05 and i got a 3 yr warranty so it expired already. whats a VR or it easily replaceable?
  3. i should totally just give up and get a new laptop huh. :(
  4. Easily replaceble? If you know which one to replace. I honestly never do that unless the darn thing has actually fallen off (IBM T23 problem). Again it's just a guess.

    Generally, what I do is isolate the board (via disassembly) and try to get stability that way. If I can't then I chuck the board for a new one. I scour Ebay looking for "[model of laptop and derivatives] (parts, fix, repair)"most of the time I get a working one with a cracked screen or something and just merge the two together. . viola! I haven't bought a new laptop. . ever! But, I do have three boxes of laptop parts left over from failed mergers.. . mostly Dell and Compaq. The IBM box only has chassis parts and spare daughter cards. But I digress.

    Depending on your threshold for pain, you may consider grabbing a new laptop. It's just easier that way. Later on, if you are feeling adventurous you could try migrating the working parts into a barebones or "Ebay special". Caution, it is addicting.
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