Difference between the Dell S2409W and 2408WFP?

1) Dell S2409W - $200
2) Dell 2408WFP - $450

I am building a new system
and I have to decide on the monitor. I am going to be using the computer for games like GTA4 and Crysis.

I like #1 because of the price, but it seems like everyone raves about #2. I have read the tech specs of each (TN vs VA) but what does it mean in terms of gaming? What is the difference and how much of a difference is it?
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  1. TN panels have more color shifting than VA panels. Go to any computer store and look at an inexpensive monitor with some colorful wallpaper step left, step right, you should notice some color shifting. If it does not bother you then get the S2409W. TN panel LCD monitors are good enough for the average consumer, so they serve their purpose.

    VA panels will have less color shifting and offer better color accuracy for photo editing once calibrated. The Dell 2408WFP is known to have some input lag that some gamers might not like. There have been 3 different revisions, not sure how much input lag the current revision A02 has. My guess is around 30ms - 36ms on average or roughly 2 frames of lag. TN panels general have less than that on average.

    I have a TN panel monitor (Asus VK246H) and overall it is my least like PC monitor I've ever owned. Good for gaming since it has been tested to have less than 2ms of input lag or basically 0 frame delay. But I don't like seeing colors shifting when I simply turn my head to look at the left/right side of the screen. I only uses that thing 0 - 5 hours at most per week.
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