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I just bought a 60 hz 46" Sony Bravia LCD tv for $599--which seems to be a great deal. It's still in the box because it's only 60 hertz and I'm afraid the picture will be fuzzy when the camera pans around. I've been told by several people that I won't notice if I don't watch a lot of sports, which I don't, but is that just an industry line? What do you guys think? Should I return it and get a 120hz or 240hz for better picture quality? Is the difference noticeable? The same Sony TV with 120 hz is $849. Please advise.
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    Only time I've seen blur on my sharp 60hz is when I have close up fast motion from a BluRay movie. Haven't noticed it watching football at all.
    When I purchased 60hz was all there was. I personally would go with the 120hz now, but that's me. When you finally get it plugged in enjoy.
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  3. I've decided to keep it. My wife doesn't want me to set it up until we get a "proper" tv stand. Women, can't live with them, can't bury them in the backyard!
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