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I have been using my compaq for about a year now with flawless use, then however i turn it on this morning and it asks for a password at the bios startup screen. now i have a password for the windows startup screen but not the bios. My Compaq has 120 gb wd harddrive 1.5gb of ram and is running windows vista home premium. all suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Power on password, that is it appears as soon as you turn it on and you can't get past it or a bios password meaning you can enter the bios?

    Startup passwords are evil. there's hardly an easy way to get rid of them short of sending to the manufacturer. The safest thing is to call Compaq and they will most likely have ou send it in to remove.

    Have you tried blank password, by the way?
  2. its the power on password, i have never entered a password before that's my biggest question is why all of a sudden did it ask for one????yeahi 've tried everything i can think of, even blank password.
  3. Honestly dude, you should think back if anyone you know has recently had access to it. My roommate a while back used to put Bios passwords on my computer all the time, and then leave a cypher on my desk to try and figure it out. It was a mild pain in the arse, but it happens frequently in some of my work circles. That being said, someone might be playing a rather cruel joke on you.
  4. That's actually a very good point. Do you think that someone could have put it on there as a "joke?"
  5. Basically the only reason to set a power on password / bios supersisor password. . to keep people from pulling this crap.

    But no, this does not "just happen". Some one put it there deliberately. If it wasn't you it was someone else.
  6. I guess you just need to reboot it because you may accidentally press on it bios console which has a password.

    It came into my mind since this is may be the first time you encountered it if I am not mistaken. OR somebody just put password in it.. that is headache.
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