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I was looking at blu ray players because I'm thinking of getting one for my dad's birthday. I see that there is a large variety and a big range of prices. I have a PS3 that I use as my bluray player, and that is supposedly one of the better players available. So will I see a big difference between an $80 LG Bluray player and my PS3?
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  1. ya know, I thinks sony has always had a better quality picture. but you won't really notice it until you look very closely.
    when you say blue ray player are you talking stand alone unit? or DVD reader writer for a computer?
    the difference in the computer part might be the software that comes with it. the expensive one might have a really good theater player app included. the cheap one might have no player or temporary trial software included...
  2. Depends on the size and resolution of the screen you are looking at. If you have a 50" or above TV, go with a better player, like a Denon or Pioneer Elite Blu Ray player which has better video processing chips. If you are below 50", makes no difference. Sony blu ray is OK, but definitely not the best out there. The PS3 is a good trade off for gaming and Bluray, but will not give you the best image quality
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