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What could I purchase for a Sony KDL-40S5100 TV for extra sound, Im hard of hearing so I would like to have
speakers on my computer desk near me so I can hear the tv for ball games and etc. I would need a control for the
sound so I can change levels as required. Nothing fancy as its on for extra sound...
Could be wireless for wired, I can handle either if the TV can do so. Im not sure if the tv using it power for the speaker or if they have to be plugging into a 110v outlet, im very much a novice at this. Im about 12 feet from the TV as of now.
I would probably just use the extra speakers and turn the sound on those on the tv off since they have to be so loud and its bothers others... Overall just a speaker for speakers with control close to me,,,, nothing to costly please.
Any ideas ??
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