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Just got a new led lcd. 37" Vizio 1080p 120hz (M370VT). Unfortunately, it doesn't have a RCA jacks. Not the biggest concern, but I do have some older systems that could use it and would like to play it sometime...

I am looking for some kind of cheap adapter that could connect to one of the inputs; component, hdmi, vga (w/ LR audio?) ... I don't care for quality for those systems, just need the video and color to show up :(

Anyone know what I am looking for? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Having trouble thinking straight right now. Thanks!
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  1. Best answer /rca-to-hdmi-adapter/products-html
    there are lots of adapters
  2. Sorry, meant to resolve this. I found out that the vizio I have can do a composite connection by plugging in the video into the green (Y) for component video and utilize the LR for sound.

    And recently, I was able to use the component video... didn't know I had to actually use 5 wires (2 for sound and 3 for video).

    Thanks for replying though.
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