My tv plays 1080i but not 1080p

I have a 32LG430LK full hd 1080p tv. I tried to play a 1080p video through USB recorded from canon digicam but it didn't play. It showed the message "invalid file". Whereas from the same camera i recorded a 1080i video and 768p video. Both were played well. I couldn't understand the reason. Does my TV support full HD? Specification says it is a full HD 1080p tv!! But it is not playing 1080p video file!!
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  1. USB connection on the TV set may not be capable of transferring large sums of data such as 1080p video stored on an USB flash disk to be played on TV set. If it were a PC, you could use USB 3.0 for the purpose. USB 3.0 can transfer data ten times denser than USB 2.0 that you can find on TV sets.

    For practical purposes and for your information only, we can say that 1080i video carries only half the data of 1080p video. 720p video carries a little under 1080i video data. Therefore, USB on the TV set may be able to transfer both 1080i and 720p video data equally well to be played on the TV set. By the way, you mention 768p video. I do not know about 768p video.

    Conversely, you can try a bluray player, a bluray movie disk and an hdmi connection to check if your TV set is capable of full HD, if that's just what you want to see.
  2. The TV is capable of playing full HD 1080p as per specification (LG 32LK430). And i have connected TV to hd set top box through HDMI cable and it plays the hd videos but channels broadcast 1080i or 760p signal only so far as i know. Sorry, Its 760p video with file size 201 MB well played through USB 2. Whereas, even a small file size 50 MB of 1080p resolution is not being played by TV through USB but well played in my laptop. I doubt, whether it is some setting problem of the TV during installation..!!!
  3. File size and file (data) transfer rate are two different things. File size may be small but 1080p video data transfer rate is huge. File size has nothing to do with file transfer rate. USB 2.0 on the TV set cannot sustain this (1080p) transfer rate. I believe TV sets do not have cache memory to buffer video data.

    Sorry I am not able to help further on this matter other than the above.
  4. Many TV's have rated playback per source. IE, Over broadcast, 1080i, over HDMI, 1080P.

    It may be that through USB, 1080i is the maximum supported resolution. Calling the manufacturer or looking up the spec in the manual is probably the best way to solve your question.
  5. I went to LG showroom. They told that these files will be played using a blue ray player only. They played these files using blue ray player. There is no direct USB support for 1080p videos as per them. OK...Thank you friends..
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