Dell laptop key fell off

how to get laptop key from servicing centre. Is this Easy to get from store for (ctrl key) and (Dell key)
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  1. Are the keys cracked or anything? Look at the bottom of the keys- if nothing looks cracked, they should pop back on. It takes a bit of effort, but they should slide back on.
  2. Dell will not sell you a single key. If you're going to replace it, you have to replace the entire board.
  3. Dell does not sell keys, I'm sure its too late for you, but might help others. I bought some laptop keys for my Dell Studio 15 at, they are great, fast and cheap.
  4. Hey I had the same problem a couple of months back and I was about to order a new replacement keyboard but one of my friend suggested me for "" and I ordered my replacement keys from them and saved a whole lot of money. They have a great customer service. I will strongly recommend this to you. They also have understandable video installation guides to help us fixing our keys. You can check them out.
  5. You can now buy individual replacement laptop keys, you do not need to buy a new keyboard, here is a great site that sells laptop keys, good luck.
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