Possible with a AXP 2400/A7N8X?

I was planning on getting a 2400+ and simply lowering its multiplier and putting the FSB up to 166 or so to make it a 2400+ w/333 effective FSB, is this possible? I'll be using A7N8X and two sticks of corsair CL2 PC3200, I want to run them at 166 as well (I hear it runs better @ the same clock rate) as well want to Dual channel them, is this possible as well? Do I need to do anything special?

Sounds easy enough, but has anyone done this with ease or no someone who did and didn't encounter and issues? OR do I have to shell out the extra $100 for the damn 2600+?

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  1. i am running a chaintech nforce board and have the fsb on my atxp 2400 set to 185X11.5 and it runs fine. I did not have to increase the voltage or anything just make sure the bios on your board supports allowing you to change the multiplyier.

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  2. I use a AXP 2400+ with Asus A7N8X, 1 stick of Corsair XMS 3200 512 mb. The multiplyersetting isn't perfect yet, can only run at a few different multiplyers, perhaps this will be better with a new bios when comming. I can run it at 13, 13.5, 15, 16, 16.5. At 13, I reach a FSB of 179mhz with 1.85 voltage. Aprox. 2330 mhz. And then I run the memory at 179 too, with very aggressive timing.

    I will perhaps voltmod it soon, so that I can reach a even higher level. Btw, my processor has the G stepping.

    But the 166 level is atleast very easy to reach. For example, you can run it exactly as the 2800+, 13.5 multiplyer, 166 fsb.
  3. What bois are your using as I have the new beta version and it wont let me over clock using the multi

    Thanks for your time

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  4. I use 1002 beta 1 on the A7N8X deluxe.. I can, as I said, only change to a few, all that exist on retail T-bred Bs and 16.5.

    What CPU are you using? you need a T-bred B (2400, 2600, 2700, 2800) for it to work.
  5. Right now I am using the Athlon XP2400 and I am using 1001G bois and I cant overclock at all with the multi and I have tryed belive me the only thing I can think of is that my CPU that I got isn't compatible for oc with this board which really ticks me off since I really want to have 166 fbs and multi at 13.5 because of the ram that I am getting is 333 DDR and it wont run as good unless I boost up my FBS. Right now I am OC with only the FBS which is at 145 giving me 2175 ah well.

    Unless bois version G doesn't work right but I have tryed the new beta verson and it didn't work if I can ever find it I might try the older bois versions but Im almost sick of trying

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  6. I am not sure I had any sucess with the normal bioses ether. The 1002 beta 1 has worked fine for me, here's a link:

    <A HREF="http://ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/socka/nforce2/a7n8x-deluxe/1002an8d03.zip" target="_new">http://ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/socka/nforce2/a7n8x-deluxe/1002an8d03.zip</A> (1002 beta 3 for A7N8X deluxe)
    I didn't find beta 1 anymore, I just found beta 3 though, will try it myself soon.

    How come you only reach 145 fsb? i got 155 stable without multiplyer OC... have you changed the voltage? Do you know what stepping your CPU is? (AIUxB, where x is the stepping)

    Good luck :)

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  7. Cool, but I guess I'm left wondering if it will do this in DUAL DDR mode since it appears most of you are using single channel or only on dimm? Anyone with dual DDR that has OC'ed successfully like I wanted to?

  8. Have no clue what my stepping is, don't know where to look (still kinda new at OCing but have been looking up alot of stuff lately trying to find out more and more) but I have pushed it over 145 to 150 upping the voltege but I got alot less of a benchmark on 3dmark then when I had the lower speed. Since it gave a much lower speed (about 1500 less then the 145fbs) I didn't push it much over that. Anyway So far with the new beta I can't overclock with multi and it messed up alot of settings for a while clocking me at less then 1gig so I went back to the 1001G after that I wish I could find the old beta just to see if I could OC using that. Right now I have the Volcano 7+ and Im at a cool 32* C (don't know speeling right, its late and Im to lazy to find out the spelling) Anyway if you think I could push it more then I think I might try but since it was such a crappy bench mark I didn't think it was worth it. As for the Ram I only have 256 Crucial PC 2100 but in a few days Im getting some new PC 2700 Cas 2 Ram from OCsystems 2*256 so I can use the Dual DDR on my board and giving back the Crucial Ram to my friend

    Thanks for your time


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  9. I only use one stick, and have no idea :) I have heard that several people have had problems with dual ddr on A7N8X...

    If someone have an awsner, I'm interested too, thinking of buying a second module :)
  10. Perhaps there I found your prohlem.. I don't believe your memory can handle that speed... Since it is built for PC2100, 266 mhz, and synced with 133 fsb, , you will get problems at higher speeds, try to check what timing you are running it in, you canb see that in the bios.

    The stepping of your CPU stands on the black lable, right under its core. On the 4th letter, of the second row. It can help to have a better stepping, though I hardly doubt that it will have any affect in this case.

    What is the other components of your system? When you OC the FSB, all comonents get pushed to higher speeds, Graphics Card, memory, CPU... I am pritty sure your memory can't handle it, but it would be good to know what graphics card you have to, even though most graphic cards can handle a OC to 166 fsb, and if it can't, you can allways lock the AGP on a lower speed, you don't earn to much from having it synced.
  11. Well the card that I have is the ATI R9700 PRO and I cant boot if I bring the Cas down to 2 but its fine at 2.5 right now. I think your right about it not running as good with the Ram when I push the FBS up to higher speeds I will have to see when I get my new ram as for the stepping I will have to find out in a few days just really don't feel like taking off the heat sink to take a look right now.

    Here are my stats for my comp right now

    XP 2400+
    R9700 Pro
    1 stick of 256 crucial Ram
    A7N8X Deluxe
    Volcano 7+
    Two fans on the back of my case

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  12. Ok.. well, then the only possible problem I can find as i see, is the ram. If you are going to buy new ram, please try to get corsair. It is simply the best. I run my XMS3200C2 512mb at 179mhz, synced, with 2-2-1 cas 2 timing. Extremly aggressive, and fully stable. It comes with a pricetag, but I tink it is worth it.
  13. Does anyone have an updated answear for this?
  14. i also own the chaintech motherboard with the nforce2 chipset, and i have some temperature problems.
    Do you use the digidoc for temp. measuring?
    what temp. do you normally get?
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