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My very old Yamaha R-100 stereo receiver will be playing and then suddenly goes out. It makes a click sound when it does. Sometimes it turns itself back on in a few minutes, other times it stays off for days or weeks - maybe forever this time.

Normally when I switch on the power switch, the power switch light (as well as the rest of the lights) lights up immediately and when I switch it off, the light goes out immediately. When the receiver has turned itself off the power switch light comes on right away (none of the other lights light up) but when I turn it off, the power light fades slowly out.

Any idea what causes this?

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  1. If it turns itself off during playback then built-in circuit protection has kicked in. Too much current was being drawn for the amp to handle and it shut itself off to prevent excessive clipping.

    As far as your light switch issue, if your receiver is as old as you say, well, electronics fail sometimes.
  2. The receiver is fixed. There was a corroded solder joint that looked like it was shorting a run. Thanks for the tip, it helped me decide to look around the power supply.

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