HP or Toshiba?

Hey guys, Ive been researching and it seems like Toshiba would be the better choice, but im not completly sold yet. One of the HP laptops im looking at has more memory and is just a little more expensive(less than $60) while a Toshiba laptop(c655-s5123) has 1GB less memory and around the same price of the HP. I need a reliable laptop that I'll be using for basic stuff along with school research and papers. I'll most likely use the laptop everyday. I need your help! Thanks!
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  1. Hp and toshiba are both reliable,both great choices!
  2. Not to be too biased, but make sure if you're a student or a military officer, or (for a limited time) a fan of the NBA get the discount on top of the HP laptop to bring the price down and you have a clear winner!
  3. Nothing against Toshiba, but I would go for the HP as well. It has more to do with "buyer's regret" than favoring HP over Toshiba. I have never thought to myself, "Gee, I could've gotten less memory, a slower CPU, and saved myself some bucks..." I have thought to myself, "I knew I should not have married that ugly girl down the street, instead of that super model that asked me out that time..."

    Oh wait, that was a dream...

    Seriously, if you can stand to part with the extra dough, upgrade.
  4. Hp and toshiba are both reliable,both great choices!
  5. 3GB memory works pretty well on Win 7. If it was between 2GB and 3GB, I would definitely go with the 3GB. My 2 cents. Hope you enjoy your new computer!
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