I am a tenor seeking a mic.

Hi! I am a classically trained tenor who specializes in musical theater and classical songs (think Andrea Bocelli style). I just had a rough demo produced (there is a link below), but I have always enjoyed recording myself. I like having more artistic control; not to mention it is a heck of a lot cheaper.

I currently have a mic, but it makes everything sound tiny, and it doesn't really handle louds and softs well (I am used to singing un-miced in a theater that seats 900 people, so I have a very strong voice). I have developed a tendency to hold back while using my current mic and I want to invest in something that I can actually sing with, that will pick up nuances, will survive me letting loose, and sounds good with my voice. Oh, yeah, and is in budget (preferably no more than $700, but I do realize the value of getting good quality).

I don't really have to many places by me that sell mics, that I know of, so I have been looking around zzounds.com and they seem to have good prices, but you can't tell what the mic is like. Please, listen to my demo (I will be updating it by this evening (Feb 28) with the final tracks), and let me know what you think. I wish I knew what mic the studio used, but it had no info on it, and the guy wouldn't tell me (judging by the look of it I think it might have been a Rode K2).

My Demos

P.S. - While the Ingrid Michaelson stuff was arranged by me and I did provide the high tenor backups, the recordings in question start with the Ave Maria Demo and continue down from there. The recordings are also a little hesitant sounding compared to my live singing, (as I mentioned, I have developed a hesitation in front of a mic due to crappy mics) so the recordings I would like to do would require a mic that can take a little more volume.

P.S. - I have been doing some research and found recomendations for the Rode K2, Shure SM7B, Rode NT2A, SM57, and the SM Beta line. Any thoughts?
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  1. Ok, I have been uploading video versions of my demo on YouTube (I had some trouble before, but many are up now). It uses stock photos from Windows, but it gets the audio out there. I changed the origonal link and here is another to my demos:

    My Demos!
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