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hi all
ive just been looking on line where i do my pc hardware shopping and i have noticed that the amd and intel prices are gone down yet again and was thinking of buying one of the two mentioned.. but my question is which one?
they are selling a intel 4 @ 2.53ghz for £161 + vat (i live in england, so its vat everywhere you go.. how annoying?) or a 2.66ghz for £205 + vat or the speedy 2.8ghz for £269 + vat.. now for amd..
they are selling a amd xp 2400 @ £119 + vat or the xp 2600 for £180 + vat (thats with the 166fsb isnt it?) and then the 2700 @ £221 + vat..
now the burning question which one do i go for? im looking for bang for buck, but bearing in mind that i have to buy a new motherboard, memory etc if i go intel and as for the amd, i could just use what i have at the moment, but i would feel the need for upgrading again to get the best from a faster cpu. also a 2400 to me, isnt that great an upgrade from a xp1800 (which is what i have at the moment with my 9700 pro, which i think is bloody brillaint!).
i have been looking into this dual ddr thing that nforce do, whats the difference? im not 100% on it, so would someone be able to explain me the basics?
i was originally going to save up and see what the barton was like when it came out and then made a decision, what does any one think? like i said, i want bang for buck, but im not worried about getting another motherboard etc, as i would eventually anyway.
also, what motherboards/type of memory would any one recommend me to buy? i have been looking at corsair xms stuff, 3200 or 3500? whats the better stuff to get? does it depend on which cpu i buy? and one question that i would like to know, is it best to get 2 of a dimm or just one?
as for the motherboards, im a complete nut when it comes to abit boards, as i feel they offer great spec for sometimes very little money. but again due to me not knowing a lot about intel boards, would an abit board be best to buy? i know they do it for the amd nforce platform, which is only about £100 or so, but is the it2 max still the best for the intel side of things?
i would like to overclock the intel cpu, but im not so sure about the amd.. does it overclock well or not to well?
a case would be rather nice to have as well as my current one, is rather poo.. has anyone got any ideas? make/model/cost etc?
last question, cpu coolers.. intel amd, any ideas for either?
with what im currently running, im getting very very close to 14000 3dmarks in 2001se so what would be a good upgrade which would make me see a big difference? (link included.. <A HREF="http:// /http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=5068792] " target="_new">http:// /http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=5068792] </A>

thanks to any one that replies and i am sorry about the lenght of this post.. thanks again and i look forward to hearing from anyone/all!

if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
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  1. Why are you even upgrading? Programs out right now can't even use up all the resources of your current machine. Don't waste your money and save it for another 6 months when all the 64bit chips are supposed to come out. Then maybe it will be worth it to upgrade.
  2. i was thinking about waiting, but would that be the best bet or would that confuse everything further? and what sort of performance increases would i be getting with the 64bit cpus etc?

    if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
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