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I'm looking at a new laptop for "school," so basically a gamer that will come out of my school loans. I am thinking about a Qosmio X505-8102 or a Dell XPS17. Both have the new sandy bridge i7, the Dell's has better processor and more RAM, but the Qosmio has a bigger screen. They both have the same GPU. Anyone have any personal experience with these two?
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  1. I'd consider a lighter laptop for school. It becomes a pain quickly hauling it around, and taking it to class is something you will want to do.
  2. The thing is, its all online classes and really its just being paid for by the school loans. I have a lighter laptop that has an i5 proecssor for school stuff like that. I actually just bought a Dell XPS 17 with the i7-2820QM and NVidia GT 555M which supposedly has 3GB dedicated graphics. Anyone know much about this gfx card?
  3. The card is pretty nice. Online classes is nicer still.
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