Newly built system wont boot right!!!

Ok, I have had an older system lying around for awhile, a Celeron 366 which I was going to fix up and give to my dad. Well, I setup the system, put in the old 4 gig HD, Cpu, 256 SDram, Cd drive, floppy and enabled the onboard video...had everything setup, then turned it on hoping for the best, well everything seemed to be going well, the power worked, the system booted up and I was greeted with the nice black bios boot screen, everything seemed great, but then it got to the part of bootup where it lists the Hard drive and Cd Cdrom before booting to windows and then nothing...just a frozen screen. It just stays frozen at the HD/CDROM wont even boot off floppy, or a CD so i can install windows!! And the thing is, I know that the HD is good, I just pulled it out of my other system, same with the CD drive! I have no idea what is wrong with it and why it wont get past the listing! Please help me out here!
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  1. This is usually caused by a drive cable on backwards. I would remove the data cable from the CD-ROM and try, then if you have the same problem with just the hard drive, flip the hard drive cable. If your hard drive light on the case front pannel is hooked up right to the motherboard, proper drive hookup will give you a couple flashes when you boot, but a backwards data cable will be shown by the light staying on.

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  2. Also, please read the entire Motherboard's FAQ as it has the answers for most such boot problems.

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  3. WOW! thats old. Those types of systems generally work best when thrown in a large bon fire.

    no really though check the jumpers on the cd drive and hd also, put the one thats at the end of the cable on master, and the other on slave, or put both on auto (if thats works on old ones).

    or just do yourself and society a favor and pack the case with c4 and blow it up.

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  4. Update: got it working. The problem was actually two things, 1-Bad jumpers [thx for the tip crashman], and 2-Near dead power supply, so i fixed the jumpers and stripped an even more ancient system [75mhz] out of my other case and replaced it with the great now except for the SiS POS :)
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