New HTPC setup ?

Hello all

Let me start by saying i'm pretty familiar with home audio but would appreciate any input or suggestions if you have any. I just purchased my first HDTV 50 inch samsung plasma c550. It's being shipped right now my idea is to have computer hooked up to my 22 inch monitor and tv.

I was wondering if it's possible to run a DVI-d to HDMI from video card to tv? Then run out of tv to stereo my video card supports audio (ati 4890). At the same time run a second cord from video card to monitor and retain the same setup.

I will also need to run a cat5 cord to the blu ray player but the tv also has a connection for 1. I don't wanna run 2 cords. should i put a cheap wired router back there?

is this the way it should be done?
Any help is appreciated thank you for your time.
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  1. The software that come's with the tuner - does it not allow you to select "input"
    Might be on AV, CD, TV, VCR etc.
    Select TV I think and run a scan?
    I have an AverTV card and that's how I got it working on my side?
  2. @erikduop - I don't think the OP is worried about a TV Tuner card.

    @ILikeItLoud -

    Ideally, your set up would be from the PC via HDMI to your Home Theater System, and then via HDMI to your plasma TV. However, it doesn't sound like your stereo has an HDMI input. In your case, and assuming your plasma TV has an audio out port, your set up is correct:

    From the PC via DVI-->HDMI cable to the plasma TV for video and from the plasma TV to the stereo for audio. The monitor remains connected to the PC via the second port on the graphics card.

    As for the network connections, I agree you should probably use a cheap-ish wired router.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Just get an unmanaged desktop switch like this one: (if you need Gigabit) or this one: (if 10/100 is fine).

    That's what I have sitting behind my entertainment center. One cable from the network goes into one of the ports and I have my HTPC, Wii and TV hooked into 3 of the other ports. I have one left for future use.
  4. Thank you for the replys wolf and thats would work great instead of having 2 routers lol dougie did'nt know those existed as for the setup I belive I have it figured out. But I have decided to get a new receiver with HDMI. As my current one as much as I love it is outdated. Do you guys have any recomendations would like to keep price below 300.00 if possible. I don't need a ton of bells and whistles just need my 5.1 with hdmi inputs. I will be using Bluray and computer as i have no cable as of right now don't watch enough tv. optical in would be nice but not needed as to watch tv programing in 5.1 when tv broadcasting supports it.

    Thanks again
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