24" 1920x1200 with DVI For Gaming

Hi folks

Sure it's been asked before...but hey!

I am currently running 2 x average 22" LG widescreen LCDs. They're fine, just 1650x1080 isn't enough for my needs.

So, looking at upgrading to 2 x 24" LCDs. They need to be 1920x1200 resolution. Primarily used for coding, app development and some gaming (WoW mainly).

Budget...£250 ish each.

I understand that I could run 1 x Super24" monitor and retain one of my 22" screens, but...meh...I don't know.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
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  1. BenQ 24" LED V2410 Eco maybe i will by it.
  2. Needs to be 1920x1200. Can't find much info about that monitor. Sure model is correct? Cheers
  3. How about a Samsung 2343?
    It's only 23", but at 2048x1152 resolution (only inferrior to 2560x1600 and the T220), it has 2359296 pixels vs 1920x1200's 2304000 pixel count, while remaining a 16/9 aspect ratio (if you prefer it over 16/10). They have a reasonably thin bezel. They are Samsungs first generation 1152p monitors.

    I can pick it up for $180 USD or $210 CAD, though I don't know about availability in Europe.

    I suggest picking up 3, not two.
    3 monitors is much better for ultra widescreen gaming (as your poinnt of view with two monitors during multiple monitor gaming is generally the bezels).
    ^- Awesome site by the way. Lots of comparisions on ultra widescreen gaming.
    You can either use Windows XP and use spanview or vista/win7 with a ATI 5850/5870 and eyeinfinity to run a native 6144x1152 48/9 resolution (over 7 megapixels!) or a 3456*2048 at 27/9 aspect ratio.

    £152.92 inc VAT
    3 for only £450-500. Around the same price as your two 24" monitors.

    I can't wait til I have more money now. Oh wait, this paycheck is is all wasteable. ^_^
  4. Will certainly investigate the 23" 2048x1152 monitors. Dell do one too. Hmmm.

    Decisions, decisions.
  5. Yeah, but Dell is typically really expensive. =D

    The Sp2309W is a 23" 2048x1152 monitor worth about $250 USD
    I don't know what it'd be worth in Europe, but it's a good buy. It's also quite sexy.
    Comes with a power crd, VGA cable, DVI cable and a USB cable. It has a 4 port USB hub, a microphone and webcam.

    I sincerely recommend the Samsung 2343 or the Dell SP2309W. Having 3 webcams at once would be fun with the Dells though. Either way, both are a great price for a 23" monitor, increased resolution, and both like pretty fine. I'd use the Dells for looks, but Samsungs because they're cheaper.
  6. Why do you think Dell is expensive?

    They have a lot of nice panels, including some pretty cheap ones.
  7. Well, Dell computers are a great example in many cases, rivaling Macintosh for price. =D

    And in this case, these monitors are almost exactly the same, sans the webcam/hdmi. The Samsung costs $180 USD and the Dell costs $250+ USD.

    They do have a lot of nice panels, but never my preference on value.

    Also, apparantly you need a native DVI monitor to run a 3x monitor setup for eyeinfinity.
    Your other option is getting a active DP to DVI adaptor (Dell and Apple makes them, and they work for the 5870, http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=166915&sid=1f0a4766d0c09fb2a0028cbb566785dc Thanks to CarrellK for this info from another thread.)
  8. I have several dell monitors, and despite similar specs, they always seem to be better quality than the other ones I have seen. They certainly don't seem overpriced, and some of the better values on the market are Dell monitors (such as the 2209WA IPS panel). Not all of them are perfect, but on the whole, Dell makes some of the best monitors IMHO, and are definitely worth looking at.

    As for Dell computers rivaling macs for price? Not even remotely close, with the exception of the Adamo.
  9. For price on computers, take a closer look. Though I do like their Vostro laptop line (almost bought one).

    For monitors, IPS = overpriced to me. My eyes are far form excellent, so TN panels do just great, I just want the most pixels per buck.
  10. I have taken many looks, and every computer dell sells (yes, even some of the Alienwares) outperforms an equivalent mac, with the exception of the adamo. They aren't the cheapest PC manufacturer, but they are far, far better than apple in the price/performance department.
  11. I've decided to go for a couple of TN monitors due to my requirements and cost.

    Just need a good 1920x1200 24" monitor now!
  12. This is the TN, 1920x1200 monitor I'm keeping my eye on:

    ASUS VW266H 25.5-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

  13. Hey there... did u have any luck finding the LED at 1920x1200? I found one in asia in that resolution at 24" !!! Their 27" is a whopping 2560x1440... basically the same thing as the Apple displays, but got PC's... looked awesome... USA is so slow to get these cool electronics, like TV's and phones as well.
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