HDTV Graphic problem after hooking up to PC

I just got a 40" Coby 1080p HDTV and for the first week everything looked amazing on it. Then one day I tried to hook up my PC to the TV via a S-Video to composite video cord. Although my computer was set to 1920x1080 the display on the tv was limited to 1024x768 which means the TV only showed a portion of the screen. I assumed this was because svideo/composite can only go up to 1024x768 resolution. So I unhooked the cords connecting my pc to TV and just decided to play on my xbox. There I noticed the graphics were noticeably worse then they were just a few hours earlier.

So what happened when I connected my PC that made my TV get stuck at this lower resolution and not show the graphics that I paid for? It seems like my cable is blurry and the xbox is producing horrible jagged lines now. PLEASE HELP :(
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  1. Seems odd that your TV would suddenly change resolutions ... Yes I know you agree .. :)

    In the user control panel of the TV where you have the option to change brightness, contrast, viewing 'modes' etc there should be an option to "Restore Factory Presets" selection.

    Look through your settings menue and see if this is indeed there ... I would be surprised if it wasn't there somewhere. Click that option and see what happens.

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