Logitech G35(USB headset) not working with PC line in(xbox sound going into it)

Well, I spent $140 on this headset the other day, and I was really hoping it would be able to get sound from my computers line-in which I have my xbox sound going into. Im sure their's a fix out there.
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  1. Seriously. Help?
  2. You can't. The USB audio stack is independent from the rest of the system. There is no way to route sound from a mobo/soundcard to/from a USB device.

    Its possible if you use programs to record the line in as it comes in, then immediatly play back to the USB device, but this induces a lot of latency in the playback.

    Win8 needs a totally new audio stack to get around these types of issues...
  3. Just tick the "Listen to this Device" option.
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