IPTV start to the end.

Hello Friends,

Need some help/advice or any resources:

I'm trying to setup IPTV where video provider would be from europe. (correct me if I'm wrong) than i would get my server with CMS website so ppl could access it. I have many question and I've done some research but appears that either there is little content or no one wants to talk :?, any way I have no clue how to start it.

so far I know:

1)i will need a provider from the country of my video
2)server w/cms where the stream will be located


1)I've read that (possible) i would need top box?!?!-is that mean every client would need that too or just the main PC!?!?!
2)do I need any special software for that ?
3)any special hardware i.e I will rent server for cms and video server will be from provider(europe)
4)anything else I should know?

Thank you in advance for any ideas/advices
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  1. forgot to mention that MY MAIN POINT IS TO get: time-shifted programming: catch-up TV (replays a TV show that was broadcast hours or days ago)
  2. anybody have any ideas how would you configure that system?-you get the provider to send the video signal BUT how could you convert that on the web so everybody can watch it.?!?!

    The best example of what I'm trying to do is this website please check it out:


    They let you see channels from their website w/ no top box of any kind.
  3. Have wither of you tried out the IPTV Pod, got mine last week, set up no problem and there is a VPN client you can run to watch TV from anywhere. Pretty cool. http://iptvpod.com
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