Choosing a Headset for Movies

I want to buy a nice headset to use while watching movies, i live in a small apartment with thin walls and i usually watch movies around midnight so I favor headsets over speakers.

Problem is you can't judge the sound quality by looking at the specs over the internet and they don't let you try the headsets on at the stores. So i'm depending on you guys personal experience.

Right now i have creative 2.1 speakers, they're not on sale anymore but closest thing you can find today is Creative Sbs 380 2+1 which costs around 30$, i'm using them with onboard sound card. I also have a Philips Shp 1900 headset which costs around 14$. Philips headset is better than the 2.1 speakers though so mostly i use that one.

I've been looking at the headsets for a while now, reading reviews and stuff, there seems to be low end headsets which you can't find any info or review about and there is gaming headsets which are said to be optimized only for gaming.

For example i've been looking at SteelSeries 5H v2 USB, a headset which supports 7.1 audio and comes with it's own souncard. But the reviews say these are very good in games but perform poorly while watching movies or listening to music. But they don't say compared to what ? Is he comparing these to a 3000$ bose headset or a cheap headset like mine ?

Will i get a better sound with these compared to my philips headset ? Also it would be great if you could tell which headset you're using or tried before and how they compare. Thanks in advance.
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  1. why don't you try SRS audio sandbox bofore changing you headphone
    it has some presets for musiq, movies & games
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