Is there a way to re-rout files? (through an OS option)

Does windows (or any OS for that matter) have the ability to create routed file shortcuts? For situations when software does not include the option to change the file path for a specific file.

let me explain since im pretty sure i just made up that term-

A piece of software (autocad) requires a specific file that is burried in its installation location. Can i replace that file with a 'dummy' file that will actually re-rout the software looking for it, to an alternate location. So this 'dummy' file would actually have to have the same name but would instead become a shortcut for the real file, ideally located on the server.

The purpose would be so that some file could be made communal, for the instance I am thinking of is a custom linetype file in autocad. So that whenever edits are made to it by others we will instantly all be sharing the same custom file. Instead right now, we have to all manually go replace the file which is buried in our personal local installation folders.

Ideally the software would just allow you to choose the file path for things like this, but its not always the case, so instead of hoping every software maker will start seeing when to provide this option, it would be great to see the OS to allow you to do it on your own.
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  1. you can set up a script to distribute the file to the locations instead of copying them individually

    or, you can set up AutoCAD to find the necessary file in the communal folder on the server

    from what I recall, custom linetypes are installed after the installation of AutoCAD, so, I guess I don't fully understand your point - unless AutoCAD has changed drastically since 2004
  2. custom line types are created after the install, but they have to be added to the existing line file. (essentially a text file), which is burried in the local install folders.

    Autocad, though it does allow you to redirect many support-file locations, does not let you redirect where it finds the line file. So we are stuck having to use a communal copy which we individually save over our local line file whenever it is updated.
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