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Hello all. I'm about to build a new system... I was wanting to get an nforce2 mobo/cpu combo but since I'm going to wait another month before doing so, will the barton core athlons be out by then(heard middle of next month) If so, will they work on an nforce2? And if they do, will it be worth waiting a few weeks to pick up a barton core chip, or just stick with a 2700/2800+???

Any information/opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yes.the barton core ones are compatible with nforce 2 boards.they are supposed to be 'out' on february 7th (i think it was 7th) but i don't know how available they will be.The 512K cache they have makes them an attractive prospect but i don't know how much extra they will cost as a result.You might as well wait and see if you are in no hurry, especially because i suppose there is a possibility that amd might reduce some of the higher-end tbred prices.

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  2. Hi Mojo,I am in a similar situation to yourself...I will be purchasing new system in the next few weeks & am unsure whether to go for Athlon 2800+ or P4 CPU.
    Would probably have gone for the Athlon as I have read they are good performers..especially when paired with nforce2 mobo..and they wont break the bank.
    Now am hearing about the Barton chips and am not sure if these are far better than I think I will wait a while for more info before making a final choice.
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