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Hi. I'm looking for a hard drive-based media player that will read mp3's directly from an external usb disk.No interest in video
I'm thinking of a fairly simple stand-alone device with a VGA output to monitor....I just dont want to have to fire up the TV to play a simple mp3 file .Flash memory isn't an issue here, nor is video content. Portability isn't an issue. Does anybody have any info please...or does such a device even exist?
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  1. Uh...if you are not interested in video, why would you need an mp3 player with vga output?
  2. So that monitor will act as display device
  3. Have a look at these WD players. Got very good reviews over net.
  4. Ok, So you wont really find a good mp3 player with a vga out that doesnt play video. I would get an archos model. They make smaller screened ones that come with remotes and docks.
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