Windows 7 Installation freeze at Starting Windows screen

Before doing anything what i did was to write zeros on the HDD because i wanted to format completely the hard drive and get rid of any virus infecting the HDD.

The problem is not on my DVD, i have used it in the past to fix/format many computers and also tried running the setup from another CD of windows 7 and also a Windows XP one but it freeze on the same point

It looks like this:

So if it is not a DVD problem, what could cause it, how do i fix it

The Computer has no OS installed since i wrote zeros on the HDD (FULL DATA ERASE)

When i try to do this clean install thing it just freezes on this point after loading the necessary setup files
I tried changing the BOOT SEQUENCE to 1-> CD, 2-> HDD, 3-> Other Removable Devices
I tried disabling the FLOPPY DISK from the Boot Sequence and CMOS (seen this in another thread)
I tried other DVD's, not working, anything

What should i do?
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  1. Could be a memory issue. Try using 1 stick of verified working ram.
  2. Thanks for your response, i need more ideas guys, could you be more specific and instructional? Is there anything i can do further to fix this?
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