I'm losing space!

I instaled fifa 13 (pirated version) and I don't know if it's from that but i started getting a message main.exe has stopped working.After that i started losing disk space and now 20 Gb are filled, but no programs have been installed.I had a drive for Windows which had 50 gigs capacity and from 10 gigs left in a period of 2 hours i lost them.I downloaded a partition manager so that i now have over 200 gigs for windows only, but i still keep losing space and i`m afraid its not going to stop.I`m using windows 7 ultimate sp2 *or smth like that if its of importance. I even deinstalled programs but still - nothing.Defragging, CCleaner and what not nothing helped. Please help! :(
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  1. First, we don't support any form of software piracy here on Tom's Forums.

    You are experiencing one of the major risks associated with using such software. Your system is likely infected with some form of malware.

    Install malwarebytes. Update and run a full scan. Delete everything it finds.

    Get it as, just use the free version.

    Don't pirate software again! BTW, a full re-install is the likely outcome if malwarebytes can't clean up your system.
  2. I forgot to mention I also scanned my system, advanced system care, antivirus, its not a virus.It`s from Windows itself or something like that.
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