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New computer. Feedback plz!

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January 19, 2003 10:04:58 PM

Hi, I spent some days going through the post on THG and with those infos, this is the computer I will probably order tomorrow. I would like to have your opinion, since it is my first build.

AMD XP2700+
Thermaltake Volcano 9 cooling Fan
2x256Mgs Corsair PC2700 CAS2
Antec PLUS1080 1080AMG CASE/PSU
60 Gigs Maxtor 7200RPM
Creative AUDIGY 2

Any feedback or comments would be appreciate!


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January 19, 2003 11:21:25 PM

You need a geforce2 MX 200!

heh jk ;) 

Very uber system you got there, congrats!

January 19, 2003 11:38:49 PM

If your a gamer, I like the Viewsonic A90f + myslef. If your not a gamer, have fun it's a good spec.

Touble is Barton & FX are withen 2 weeks, could change the whole shootin match, so to speak.

I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
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January 20, 2003 12:04:38 AM

thing is FX will be hard to find for some weeks and the features of the AIW is very interesting to me (video-in and tv-tuner).

I will check for the viewsonic, I don't know this model. And I am a gamer! Is there something wrong with the NEC?
January 20, 2003 12:07:00 AM

What abnout graphics card? Are you planning to keep your older one? If not, get Radeon 9600 Pro (BBA) or MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 64 MB (if you are a gamer). Keep it in mind that, if you have a 3.3V AGP 2x card, you must buy a new card, because nForce2 doesn't work with 3.3V AGP 2x cards

For monitor, ViewSonic P95f+ is a very good buy. For better value, you can buy ViewSonic G90f.

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January 20, 2003 12:15:37 AM

well I'm going for the AIW 9700 PRO like I said, because my tnt2 would be really bad on a xp2700+! :o )

Actually the 3 monitors I had in mind were the NEC, the viewsonic P95f and the P95f+. I heard the NEC is better that is why i choose that one! Am I wrong? Is the P95f+ better? What about the P95f?
January 20, 2003 1:39:08 AM

P95 supports resolutions over 1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz refresh rate, P95f+ can't support 85 Hz over 1600 x 1200 res. But 1600 x 1200 is enough for 19" and P95f+ is brighter than P95f that means it is better for gaming.

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January 20, 2003 2:15:47 AM

ok cool! Since it's for gaming, I'll probably check for the P95f+. As long as I can use windows and play game in 1600x1200 with a good refresh game I'm happy!
January 20, 2003 4:07:27 AM

did you consider the western digital with 8mb of cache ?

and the sony G410 is a REALLY great monitor ( i have one )

1600x1200 @ 85Hz no prob !
January 20, 2003 4:17:55 AM

well the Western with 8 mb of cache are 120+ megs and I don't need an hard drive this big!

As for the sony, it sure looks great but the price is much higher than the others.

But thanks for the info.

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January 20, 2003 4:23:21 AM

I would get one stick of 512k 3500(433) memory. There is basically no difference in performance (vs dual), little difference in price, and it is much more future proof. On a system of that caliber, 2 sticks of 512k(433) seem correct.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 20, 2003 4:29:10 AM

Post deleted by virtualsniper
January 20, 2003 4:35:56 AM

Are you saying that 1 512 PC3500 is faster than 2 256 PC2700 even with dual channel? Humm I agree it would be more future proof. I'll check into that!
January 20, 2003 4:49:31 AM

With the high end memory you can also run with better timmings.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 20, 2003 4:52:06 AM

Humm interesting indeed. Thx man!
With that in mind, do you still think that an NForce2 MB is the way to go?
January 20, 2003 4:58:03 AM

Not to sound like a fanboy but I just ordered Asus A7N8XD. In doing my research, I ran across many tidbits of information like that. I'm a bit weary of the passively cooled northbridge, but I doubt the warrantee will be valid for long. (I plan on cooling it)

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 20, 2003 5:05:21 AM

ok. I'll stick to the NForce2, and I'll decide on the memory base on the price. Although, after reading this, I think that whichever I choose, it won't make a great deal of a difference!

Man I can't wait to try that rig! :o )
January 20, 2003 5:14:53 AM

It will totally make a difference if you ever plan to adjust your FSB or play with aggressive timings. I ordered 1 x CORSAIR XMS CMX512-3500C2PT 512MB (433MHz) Platinum (CB00480) $209 with shipping. Mmmm 433 FSB.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 20, 2003 6:22:55 AM

I'd add the + feature on the a90f + is the best for gaming. When you go into a game you hit the + button on the front of the monitor & it changes the gamma to view the game. So it has one setting for Spread Sheet it says & another setting for gaming. Since I've been running it I don't need to play with the gamma inside of games anymore. Just hit the button & your good to go. I play at the recommended setting, 1280 x 1024 @ 75 htz with it. It's the best monitor for gaming I've had & I've had a few of them.

I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
January 20, 2003 6:28:48 AM

Good point Schmide! I'll check the price here. I'm in canada, so hopefully it won't be 600$!! :o )
January 20, 2003 6:30:45 AM

I find the refresh rate a little low on the a90f+. The f95+ has the button feature you are talking about. Bit I didn't notice it. Neat feature!
January 20, 2003 6:37:27 AM

Oh you can run it faster, but I haven't seen the need to. I read the review here on Toms. <A HREF="" target="_new">monitor</A>
Hope that helps.There are others, but I love the +.

I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
January 20, 2003 6:47:49 AM

well I read that review already and they don't talk about the A90f. Maybe I missed something, its 4 a.m. and I'm waiting for the cat to get in so I can go to sleep! :o )
January 20, 2003 7:03:12 AM

Oop's, it was one of them I read that got me to buy it. It is late & I'm to lazy to look it up right now. Gotta go & play SOF II, Cya.

I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
January 20, 2003 11:04:06 AM

the western digital special edition hds with the 8mb cache go down at least as far as 80gig.I'm definite on that because it seems that everyone except me has at least one.

no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
January 20, 2003 1:54:03 PM

yes I would definately scratch the maxtor and go with the western digital 80gig JB edition harddrive....better performance and at a great price from ....besides that beautiful system although I would get the Epox nforce2 motherboard over the asux :smile:
for its superior overclockabilty
January 20, 2003 10:06:19 PM

That sounds like a great system. What operating system u planning on using cause Win XP only allows a refresh rate of 60Hz in games, although i think the patch rectifies this problem. How come ur opting for such small hard disk? With a system like this u should have at least me i went from a 20gig to an 80gig, thought i would never b able to fill it up...i was wrong. Maybe u could use two 60-80gig drives in a raid 0 array, for a little performance boost.
I dont see why everyone here wants you to go for pc3500 Ram it has a theoretically smaller bandwidth than dual channel and u would have to overclock because i think either pc2700 or pc3200 are the max the board can support.

Why use windows when you can use doors?
January 20, 2003 10:21:08 PM

Well on my P3 500 I have WinXP, so I think I will use it with this computer too. But I will check for the refresh rate because if there is no patch, I won't install XP then. Any suggestion?

The reason I don't want a big hard drive is that I usually use 2 disk in my computer. I put installed thing such as softwares and games on one and the stuff I want to keep goes on the other want. That way I can reformat anytime without having to backup anything. I know that partitionning could do that too, but since my computer is always on, it seems that any hard drive I got didnt last more that a year. So having the backup on a different hard drive who is asleep most of the time is more secure.

After thinking about it, I would go with pc2700 too, in dual channel. I don't plan to everclock anyway, since this rig will be good for a pretty long time.

Thanx for the info.
January 20, 2003 10:35:21 PM

Nice system there. I got the same case and its pretty nice. I wouldn't go for the 3500 right now since there has been a problem with pc3500 memory in the a7n8x. Are you getting the a7n8x deluxe mobo? If so you could save yourself some money and use the onboard sound. No need to buy a soundcard when you could use the nice onboard sound feature.
January 20, 2003 10:42:17 PM

Humm bug! Thats the kind of info I like to have Thx!
I'm not really open-minded when it come to onboard thing. I don't know, I prefer having a real sound card. But I think I will go for the Audigy instead of the Audigy 2. I don't see game have THX support for a couple of decade. And I already have a home theater system for my dvd. :o )
January 20, 2003 11:07:09 PM

Cool! I never though of using onboard audio, but after reading this, looks like it is pretty good. I might save a few $.
thank you! :o )
January 20, 2003 11:58:31 PM

Theoretically? Did you even look at the ram performance in the links I gave? The biggest problem people are having is with this board are combinations of high FSB and dual channel operations. A lot of blame is being focused on cheep ram and the passively cooled northbridge. That board should do 200+mhz and I'll bet there are going to be some 400mhz bus processors coming out sometime in the future. Why buy old outdated ram, when for the same price you can get high rated ram. I attempted to argue my case. Dual channel is not necessary for equal or better performance, ram takes power, and produces heat. The ram is just rated by how fast it can return a request for information. 433mhz cl2 means 4.6ns ram.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 21, 2003 12:03:30 AM

looks good dood

<font color=orange><b>as you get older, your hard drive becomes floppy, but don't fear viagra is here. viagra puts the hard back in your drive!!!
January 21, 2003 2:57:26 AM

"as you get older, your hard drive becomes floppy, but don't fear viagra is here. viagra puts the hard back in your drive!!! "

January 21, 2003 4:12:22 AM

Thank you to all who helped me on my system.

Unfortunately some parts are B/O (2700+, 9700, P95f+) where I plan to order this comp, so I need to wait a couple of days. That give me a couple more days to change my system. Keep the feedback coming, it is not too late! :o )

this is the new version of the system:

AMD XP2700+
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Thermaltake Volcano 9 cooling Fan
2x256Mgs Corsair PC2700 CAS2 (or 1x512Mgs Corsair PC3500??)
Antec PLUS1080 1080AMG CASE/PSU
60 Gigs Western Digital 8Mb cache
ViewSonic P95f+ (instead of MULTISYNC FP955 )
No sound card, will use NForce2 sound
January 21, 2003 8:32:56 PM

What speakers are you planning to use with your system if any? A good set of speakers can really make a difference when playing games.

I still think you should go for the PC2700 from cosair. If you dont overclock you will be using the PC3500 at PC2700 speeds anyway so whats the point? PC2700 are NOT the same price,at least not here in england neway.

Everything else sounds great although if i were you i would wait for the Ge-Force FX, apparently thats gonna b something special.

Why use windows when you can use doors?
January 21, 2003 8:57:15 PM

I have a old creative 4.1 speakers set. I plan to upgrade it later, or use my home theater. I don't know yet because I will move in the next few months. So it will depend where I will put the computer.

Now since I have to wait for the part to not be B/O for a few days, I will continue to check the news to see if the Barton and FX are coming. I May be changing for a Barton and FX if it take too long. But even if I do that, I think the others part will stay the same.
January 21, 2003 9:05:56 PM

If you r gonna use better speakers then u may wanna get the audigy2, onboard sound cards have improved a lot but i dont think they can compete with PCI cards yet.

Why use windows when you can use doors?
January 21, 2003 9:34:14 PM

Actually, the WD JB series with 8MB cache extend AT LEAST to the 80MB drives, and perhaps to the 60 MB drives as well. You can often find excellent prices for these drives with rebates etc. Get won't regret it!

goldarn the pusherman
January 21, 2003 9:47:07 PM

Since you brought it up again. Word on the street, at least from my perspective, is the highest stability at all frequencies is with 1 stick of high rated ram. After that one stick of medium ram 2700, after that 2 sticks of high rated ram, after that 2 sticks of lesser ram. Just read <A HREF="" target="_new">Copenhagen's thread</A>, but go head and save $5-$10, but be sure to have a stiff upper lip when things go wrong. It's like putting H rated tires on a Ferrari.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 21, 2003 10:09:37 PM

Well since I have put ZR on my car... :o )

I think I begin to like the idea of putting 1 high speed stick. I don't want to stay with 2x256 stick when I upgrade to 1024. But another question can be raise. Do I really need to buy Twin memories. Does it really make a big difference. Or 2 normal stick do the job good enough?

Reading this thread bring up another question. You think I should stay with the Asus or change for the Epox?
January 21, 2003 10:22:57 PM

By the way, sorry the ask all those questions.

I know there is review everywhere on the net. But I prefer peoples experiences anytimes over some dude testing the board for a day, even if he know what he is doing. Benchmark don't tell everything, and sometimes problems are not encounter the first few days you have a piece of hardware.

I really appreciate your inputs!
January 21, 2003 10:39:42 PM

My board is already on the truck, so I'm getting an A7N8XD. I've read about every review out there and a fair amount of posts towards the subject. Summing up.

Cons against A7N8XD

1 Some trouble at high frequencies with low rated dual channel ram.
2 Passively cooled Northbridge and has possibly been under volted due to this. One BIOS update raised the voltage 0.2v to the Northbridge.


1 Has 2 network ports and all the bells and whistles.
2 Design and layout have been commented on as well placed.
3 Some people have had good success overclocking this board.

Just my thoughts.

As for the ram, as <A HREF="" target="_new">LC said</A>, there is no Super Compatibility mode and their benchmarks proved that it really doesn't matter 1-3 sticks.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 21, 2003 10:43:48 PM

"I still think you should go for the PC2700 from cosair. If you dont overclock you will be using the PC3500 at PC2700 speeds anyway so whats the point? PC2700 are NOT the same price,at least not here in england neway. "

If you aren't going to upgrade to the barton don't bother on getting 3200 or 3500. So far I'm pretty pissed at Corsair with their support. Its all talk and no action. We'll do this we'll do that, you'll get this in your email. BULL [-peep-]!!!! So right now I wouldn't recomend Corsair for anything.

"Everything else sounds great although if i were you i would wait for the Ge-Force FX, apparently thats gonna b something special."

Screw the idea of buying the Ge-Force FX. Why spend $400??? on a graphics card when you could buy the 9700 Pro for maybe $250- once the FX comes out. If you want speakers I got the Z-640 from logitech and I really like them. They are only $67 at newegg I think.
January 21, 2003 10:48:21 PM

If you look around ahrd enough you will find 400JB 600JB and 800Jb W.D. drives.

<b>Despite the huge top speeds, amazing acceleration and incredible G-Forces of Top Fuel Dragsters, a standed riced up Lancer often has a larger rear wing.</b>
January 21, 2003 10:49:37 PM

For the memory, I was referring to Corsair. They sell memory stick optimized for dual operation. So it is what they say. If this make a difference, well that is another story.

As for the board, I don't care for overclocking and special feature. I just want high speed (with no overclocking) that is really stable and with no bug.
January 21, 2003 11:23:34 PM

Remember, I'm just passing on hearsay, as I was researching the same product. I have yet to receive my board (it's in Portland OR). When I looked at the major nForce2 boards out there, the first 3 were from Chaintech, Leadtek, and Asus, they were all are very comparable. I originally liked Chaintech because they had an option to raise CPU voltage to 2.0v. I have read a lot of posts from many forums and most of the reviews out there. One of the things I noticed first was people having trouble with cheep ram in dual channel operation. I can't tell you not to get dual 2700 ram, but from what I've seen (benchmarks wise), the dual channel operation isn't really necessary. Price wise, Corsair 3500 ram is very competitive. Then again like the Z-Rated tires, you don't necessarily need them.

Other boards could easily suit your needs.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
January 21, 2003 11:38:50 PM

ok well thank you.

At least I know my setup is coming along great. I will then concentrate my effort on the motherboard and check for specific board on that!
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