Western Digital Tv Live HUB vs Popcorn Hour A-200 vs ?

Holy crap. I'm really really confused about what to choose here. I need a mediacenter with a harddrive. It dosent have to have a harddrive out of the box, but it should be able to have a harddrive installed. I cant and wont try to stream my HD movies wireless.

Its just so hard to figure out what to choose, the new WD Live Hub looks really good, especially with the built-in 1 TB harddrive. The PCH A-200 looks cool too, because of all its features.

What would you choose? Or would you choose something entirely else? Please help :)
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  1. The Popcorn Hour A-210 is coming out soon... basically it is exactly the same as the PCH A-200 but with a different exterior casing...
    The WD Live Hub is only available in Best Buy.
    I have the Nixeus Fusion HD and PCH-A200 - both can do exactly what you want and they have constant firmware updates to add new features. The Nixeus includes a USB Wifi-N Adapter and all RMAs/Customer Service is handled local in the USA...
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