Should I upgrade Athlon 1.4 Ghz to 2000+ XP

I'm planning to do some work on my PC including replacing the power supply and HSF. I wondering whether it pays to upgrade my CPU while I will have the case open.

My system currently has a 1.4 Athlon which I am considering upgrading to a 2000+ XP. (the fastest CPU my Abit kg-7 mobo will support). The cost is only about $75 but I'm not sure if I would see any performance difference as the actual clock speed is not very different.

Will the performance noticeable?

my system:
1.4 GHZ Athlon
Abit KG-7 Raid Mainboard
512 MB Registered ECC Memory Crucial
Gainward Geforce 3
(2) 60GB IBM Deskstar 60GXP for data --Raid 1
(1) Western Digital WD1200JB for programs
Antec 830sx case
Vantec Aeroflow HSF (new)
Antec 380W True Power (new)
Lite on 40x CD-RW
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  1. you will see some difference, but not too much. i say stick with what you have and when you want to upgrade, do a new mobo and cpu at the same time. a 1.4 tbird is still a fast cpu dood.

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  2. Agree with scamtron, your CPU is powerfull enough and, unless you are doing heavy intensive CPU tasks, I won't upgrade. Save the money for future upgrades.

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