Sound issues with PC to TV

I am having issues with getting sound out TV. The set up is:
Dell Optiplex 960
HDMI from PC to TV
ADI 198X integrated HD Audio with Soundmax drivers
WIn 7 Enterprise 32-bit
Y Audio cable red/white w/3.5mm

No sound coming out of TV. So I purchased a sound card. First I purcahsed a Siig which had issues with the display. Then I purchased Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE which works. But I still get no sound out of the TV. I have tried all kinds of settings and no matter what I try no sound comes out of the TV. Please help me with what I can do to solve this issue. I know HDMI carries sound but still do not hear sound coming out of the TV through the HDMI. I know the sound works as when I hook up a Latitude E6500 to the TV; the sound works. But using the laptop is NOT an option. My boss wants the desktop to be hooked up to the TV. He wants this done and I am to the point of frustration trying to get the sound to work.
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  1. where is the HDMI coming from your video card or straight off the motherboard.
  2. It is coming from Video Card.
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