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Hi every1,

I was 99.99% inclined to go for the XP2600+ on my new system. However, as the ClawHammer is due in the 1H03, I am not 100% sure whether I should buy the XP2600+ or go for P4 2.4 2.533 2.6

What are the suggestions??

Cheers guys!!!
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  1. Unless you have deep pockets, you probably won't want the hammer or anything else new due to the initial price. Go with your pocketbook and features. The nforce boards with the xp2400 offer the best deal right now. Atacom already has the newer nforce2 boards with built in graphics made by leadtek, starting at $95.
  2. I would go with an xp2600+ with the Epox nforce 2 mobo
    P4 2.4B and abit IT7max2 rev2

    I lean toward the p4 system but its up to you
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