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Hi, I have a ACER ASPIRE 5738Z laptop with Realtek HD Audio. The problem i am having is very unusual. Basisally low frequency is gone. If i play a song like "bass i love you" the amplifier puts out no low frequency but when i copy the same file to my phone and play through that the low freauency is present. I have tried changing the mode settings in HD Audio Manager but the result is same. I have windows 7 ultimate and the driver version is "". Please help, Thanks.
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  1. So around what time did the low frequency sound start to disappear?
  2. Actually i did not noticed because i normally use headphones and in headphones it is not a big deal. I plugged my amp to computer yesterday after a gap for about a month and there was no power in the subwoofer. but high frequency was fine. and also the sound card never delivered 1Hz to 15Hz output. is it due to different driver because i recently upgraded to win 7 or it is the way is it???
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