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Hi guys,
I having been looking to buy an 46" LCD HDTV. After doing some research I came across Toshiba 46UL605. This is an LED HDTV with a price of $1700. It doesn't have Pixelpure, Wireless HD and DLNA.
1) Can someone explain to me what these 3 features are; and do we need them?
2) Is Toshiba a good brand to go with when it comes to HDTV?

3) Is it worth buying this TV for $1700? Is it worth buying it for $1200 if I can get that price somewhere?

All the help will be very much appreciated.

Thank You,
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  1. At thats size and price, u can get way better deals. I stay away from toshiba and hitachi and the 3rd tier brands, go with a sony or a samsung, or even an LG. U will probably be able to get a better deal than the one your looking at as well. The main thing I do when I look at a TV, since I'm a gamer is check out the response time, I never get anything under 4ms. Also make sure what your using it for, and figure out if you need 120 hz or you can go with 60...240 is overkill in my opinion. LED is overkill as well in my opinion I can't justify the price difference for the quality difference. But if you are going for an LED check out the Samsungs, their usually cheaper than sony and give a good run for the money. Check out user reviews etc. Know what you buy before you buy it. Me personally just got a 50 inch panasonic S2 series plasma TV, because it suits my gaming desire unlike LCD. Hope that helps you email me at if you have any questions.
  2. Oh and also those technologies again, dont justify the extra money in my eyes. A good quality TV is not necessarily the one with the most features. Take the Pioneer PRO - 111FD for instance, it has none of those features you specified, yet it remains the pinnacle of TV definition in many peoples eyes, and in many reviews as well.
  3. U think LCD would be a better deal than LED looking at the price differences? Is it even possible to get LED around $1000, provided its a decent one?
  4. Yes, but you kinda missed all the good deals during black friday, and cyber monday. I got my TV at sears for 603 bucks after tax, its usually around 1200, but there was also a mixup of stuff so the store manager gave me the 50 inch rather than 42 personally and aplogized. Anyways I cant see that the LED is actually much better, its just a different backlight and also its expensive due to the fact that its new technology. What are you trying to do with it, whats ur main purpose for the TV, and where will it be located, is it dark or bright in that place.
  5. check this tv out, its a sony and supposed to be very good, especially for ur price range, but i have to say there probably could be a better deal for a better tv, but in the price bracket this is a pretty good tv
  6. If its the Sony 46" Class LED-LCD HDTV and PlayStation 3 Package sure you can get it, if you wanted to get a ps3 anyway its a good deal. Um, its also 240 hz so it could maybe seem somewhat unrealistic or too realistic for you. You might want to take the model number down and go look at the quality at ur local electronic store that carries the TV see what you think about it. Also you can pick up a pair of like nvidia 3d glasses and watch that tv in 3d as well.
  7. awesome...i will do that.....thanx
  8. vik250 said:

    Not a bad deal if you want the PS3. The reviews I have seen are a bit mixed. Seems there has been some quality issues.
  9. Yep, but its the same for all tvs for the most part, some are great for some, too vivid or unreal for others, or too realistic for others. Its just your personal preferance and sometimes theres bad batches of tvs that go out, factory defects. Some will last you 30 years, while some will die on you after a year...its just all luck of the draw. Just know what you want before you buy it, and don't get caught up into it, you'll get distracted, figure out what you want before you even look, or you'll get caught up in the marketing schemes from companies.
  10. I use my new P50S2 plasma for a PC monitor, and I couldn't be more happy. Theres no gimmicks like internet capability, but i have it connected to a pc why would i need internet. The picture quality is stunning and theres no lag at all in games. And for the price of the internet TVS I would just say go and buy an internet capable blu ray player, or a ps3...way more bang for your buck. Hope this helped someone
  11. Hi guys,
    I went to Best Buy today and bought the combo deal. I really appreciate all your help and suggestions. If it wasn't for you guys, I would have probably went with Toshiba, which lot of people told me in past 2 days, isn't as good when you compare it with Sony.
    Thank you all very much,
    - Vik
  12. Great hope you like it, and remember picture quality can always improve once you calibrate it correctly! Have fun with your new TV hope it lasts you a good 30 years haha
  13. Good to hear, I hope you enjoy! :)
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